StormFIX – The New Fixing Packs From Stormking – Avoiding Health & Safety Nightmares


Safety conscious contractors will welcome StormFix – a new product from prefabricated building products specialists Stormking.

StormFix fixing kits have been sourced in partnership with RAWLPLUG and the packs are exclusive to Stormking and offer fixing bolts to ensure safe and secure fixing of structural frames to all common types of external wall applications.

Choosing the correct anchoring with such a diversity of wall types can pose problems for contractors – and getting it wrong can have severe consequences.

The new StormFix fixing packs remove all the uncertainty of choosing the correct bolts to ensure risk-free anchoring for the full Stormking range of grp entrance canopies and bay window roofs.  When finished with tiling, these can impose considerable demands on the building structure and it is essential that the fixing bolts are able to bear this load.

The StormFix packs are supplied with the Stormking canopies and roofs and are available for both lightweight and structural units and come pre-packed with matching bolt cap covers.  They come in two sizes – 80mm and 120mm – and in packs of four or eight, to cover the complete range of Stormking roof and door canopies and are the ideal reassurance for housebuilders’ Health & Safety managers and contractors who carry the responsibility for ensuring safety in their building works.

The Stormking ranges of bay window roofs and entrance canopies offer housebuilders an almost limitless choice of styles and sizes to create a distinctive street scene. Made to the highest quality standards, Stormking prefabricated building products are a highly cost effective alternative to using traditional building materials such as stone, slate, concrete and timber.  They also have many advantages, especially saving time and cost by eliminating site fabrication and the inconsistencies which can often result. They are also virtually maintenance free and have  proven longevity.

Manufactured to comply with European approvals, StormFix from Stormking offers the one-stop, simple but totally safe and reliable, easy to install structural frame fixing, providing the confidence developers need as they become evermore responsible for safety in the houses they build.

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