Trust and honesty form basis of strong supplier relationship for Stormking and Bewley Homes

Trust and honesty form basis of strong supplier relationship for Stormking and Bewley Homes

Bewley Homes aims to build more than just houses. It looks to create communities by carefully choosing its locations and producing high quality homes with a personal touch. In this Q&A we find out why Bewley Homes chose Stormking as a supplier, and how the two companies have forged a successful working relationship based on honesty and trust.

Please can you provide a brief description of Bewley Homes?

Since 1991, Bewley Homes has been creating beautiful developments, which in turn form exciting new communities. Each street scene, public space or play area has been specifically designed to open up the possibility of lifelong friendships and provide families with an environment in which they can relax and thrive. We work hard to provide our customers with the highest quality homes in the most stunning locations, and we are extremely proud to have built a strong reputation for putting our customers first. To help us maintain this reputation, we ensure we only work with suppliers and contractors which hold this same ethos.

Why did you choose to work with Stormking?

Stormking is a reputable and respected manufacturer of Glass Reinforced Plastics (GRP) products and is well-known within the industry for providing only the highest quality building components. In addition, Stormking has a wealth of knowledge, not only about its own product range, but also about GRP and its capabilities. This knowledge is invaluable when it comes to designing our homes.

Stormking supplies Bewley Homes with intricate decorative window surrounds. Please can you provide further information?

We aim to offer our customers more, both with regards to quality and design. Our homes are designed to be not only highly practical, but also visually appealing. The decorative window surrounds from Stormking are an integral part of our standard house design, adding interest and ‘curb appeal’. It’s just one of the features that sets our houses apart from the competition.

From concept to delivery – what was it like working with Stormking?

From design to delivery, Stormking made the entire process extremely easy and stress free. We worked closely with the Stormking design team to create a design that was both achievable and also met our exacting requirements. The team’s knowledge of what could be accomplished in terms of design when using GRP was unparalleled and the result is a beautifully styled window surround that sets our homes apart.

What do you look for in a supplier?

With all our suppliers, open and honest communication is key. This forms the foundation on which a successful business relationship is built. We appreciate honest feedback and work closely with our suppliers to ensure our visions – or as close to – can be achieved. Reliable delivery is also incredibly important to us, enabling us to stick to our schedules and deliver our promises to our customers.

Would you work with Stormking again?

Of course. We continue to work with Stormking and hope the relationship will endure into the future.

Are there any additional comments you would like to make about Stormking?

Overall, we are extremely pleased with Stormking, both in terms of the quality of product it produces and its business ethos. We trust Stormking explicitly and would highly recommend the business to anyone who asks.