<strong>GRP Door Canopies</strong>

GRP Door Canopies

When it comes to the appearance and ambience of a house, it’s often the small details that catch the most attention. Carefully selecting and installing these finer details can have a significant impact on the overall appearance.

Door canopies are one of those smaller components that can contribute to the bigger picture and should be carefully chosen. Stormking offers a wide range of GRP building components that are designed and tailored bespoke to the customer. 

What are GRP door canopies?

GRP door canopies are protective structures made of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP), also known as Fibreglass. They are designed to be installed above entrance doors, providing shelter and protection from environmental elements such as rain, sun, and snow whilst boasting an attractive design that fits with the architecture of the house/building. Using GRP provides the freedom to design the product just how you want.

The benefits of installing a GRP door canopy

When it comes to using glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), there are many benefits. GRP door canopies offer lightweight, durable protection and are highly weather resistant. More durable than the traditional wooden counterpart, the GRP door canopy will not erode and requires only minimal maintenance. They are also lighter in weight and offer flexibility compared to other materials such as wood, aiding an easier installation.

The versatility of GRP door canopies means they are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and designs, providing a structure to suit every house project, giving the entrance a distinctive character whilst offering weathering protection.

Cost is also a huge bonus when it comes to GRP door canopies. Offering adequate shelter and protection, they provide a cost-effective alternative to a full porch structure and their high durability means they are made to last.

Why choose Stormking

Manufactured in Tamworth, Staffordshire for over 35 years, Stormking is the UK’s leading supplier of GRP building components to the house building and construction industry. We offer a large range of entrance door canopy designs with different colours to choose from, allowing for customisation to suit different styles of architecture. Read all about us here!

Up to standard

All of our door canopies are made with quality in mind and to meet the largely varying canopy designs of our customers. We are the UK’s only BBA-accredited GRP manufacturer, putting us in the leading position for GRP building components.

Considering the environment

Stormking is also a gold member of the sustainability school. Making a conscious effort towards sustainability.

Bespoke and easy

Our door canopies are made to order and built off-site, meaning that no specialist team is needed to make them up and install them, ultimately saving time, money and disruption on site. They are factory finished with internal timber frames and delivered as full units, ready to install. 

Get the look you want

Struggling with design? Our in-house team will offer assistance to help create the perfect bespoke designs when needed. We have a comprehensive range of door canopies styles available:

●  Apex

●  Lean to entrance

●  Flat entrance

●  Pitched entrance

●  Curved entrance

●  Clear light entrance

Find out more about our range of door canopies here

Make a statement

Offering a contemporary design, Stormking GRP door canopies are available in a variety of options including, width, depth, pitches and finishes to suit every project or development. Complete with a range of fascia colours to select from, we can provide our GRP door canopies in almost any colour from the RAL palette.

All Stormking door canopy ranges are manufactured to strict guidelines and production criteria by experienced manufacturers, ensuring a quality product every time. If you have an upcoming building development that will require door canopies, download the Stormking GRP Entrance Canopy Product Brochure here to learn about how your project could benefit from choosing Stormking.