Stormking seals a sustainable future with introduction of ePOD

Stormking seals a sustainable future with introduction of ePOD

Stormking, a leading manufacturer of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) building components, is continuing its commitment to creating a greener, more sustainable future with the introduction of its new Electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) system. 

ePOD is an electronic system which will enable Stormking drivers to process a delivery on site, by capturing a signature and images on their phones of the components being delivered. The information recorded is sent immediately to a centralised system, which in turn integrates into Stormking’s existing Central Management System. 

This will enable the company to generate invoices, align deliveries, and send financial information direct to a customer’s accounts department. Most importantly, the new ePOD system will allow deliveries to be coordinated and amalgamated more effectively, reducing fuel consumption and road time for drivers. 

Jake Dowson, IT Development Manager at Stormking, explains more about how this new system will help improve customer service and further Stormking’s sustainability journey: 

“Historically, Stormking has used a paper-based delivery recording system, with drivers filling in a form, which is then returned to the office, processed, and sent to customers via email. This process is extremely time consuming, and with around 1,200 delivery notes generated each week it has become an unviable system. 

“Not only is it susceptible to human error and delays, as notes can only be processed once a driver returns to the depot, but it also requires the use of a large amount of consumable material. The new ePOD system will negate the need for paper delivery notes and copies, reducing our use of consumables and further aiding our sustainability promise. 

“A second environmental benefit of the new system is its ability to help us plan our deliveries more effectively. Currently the planning of our deliveries is organised manually via paper delivery notes, which can lead to inefficiencies. “Although our new ePOD app cannot automatically plan deliveries, as our products are not a standard size and shape, it will give our team members the ability to digitally plan multiple runs on a screen. 

This will make the process much clearer and subsequently easier to consolidate delivery runs. 

Not only will this make us more efficient, but it will also significantly reduce our carbon footprint.” 

For Stormking customers, the introduction of the new ePOD system will mean a more effective service. 

They will receive an alert once a driver leaves the depot and be able to track their delivery to site; customer accounts teams will receive information electronically and immediately, making delivery and payment processes more efficient; and, most importantly, customers can be confident that Stormking is doing all it can to be a more sustainable supplier. 

“We understand that sustainability is key for many of our customers, not just in their own businesses, but also in those of their suppliers, and this is a key driver in introducing ePOD. 

We know this new system will enable us to reduce our environmental impact and improve our sustainability credentials, as well as provide an enhanced level of customer service,” concludes Jake. 

Stormking’s new ePOD system will be rolled out from the beginning of March. For further information about Stormking, visit or call 01827 311 100.