‘Modern Methods of Construction, or MMC, is a term which embraces a wide range of alternatives to traditional building methods, both in off-site manufacture and on-site applications. MMC increases efficiency on-site for material resources and human activities, resulting in faster build programmes and improved cost-efficiencies.

The UK’s leading manufacturer of Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) building components, Stormking was an early adopter of modern methods of construction, pioneering GRP manufacturing techniques to open new opportunities to house builders and contractors across the country, pre-fabricating crucial design components that previously had to be manufactured by hand on-site.

This pioneering approach has had a profound effect on the industry, guaranteeing developers a consistent quality of product that delivers durability and longevity, whilst saving time and money. Since then, GRP manufacturing methods have progressed, but Stormking has ensured it remains at the forefront of its industry as Stormking’s Chris Pearce, Sales Director explains:

“GRP products were originally manufactured using hand laid materials.  Manufacturing techniques, such as those developed by Stormking, have evolved exponentially since then, helping us to create products that perfectly imitate real bricks, lead and other traditional building materials.

“Here at Stormking, we use two methods of manufacture, an open mould process and a close mould process. The open mould process is precisely that, where an open mould is sprayed with fibre glass. These moulds would typically allow for greater variance in our product range.

“We also use a closed mould manufacturing process, known as resin transfer moulding. This is a vacuum-assisted, resin transfer process which allows for increased laminate compression and a more consistent laminate thickness. These would typically be used to produce our standard door entrance canopy ranges, as they allow for larger production volumes and a more consistent finish.

“Stormking was the first company in the country to introduce close mould manufacturing on a large scale and is a demonstration of our continued commitment to developing and improving our processes and products.”

Prefabricated GRP components truly represent modern methods of construction and as such, are transforming the way construction companies work. They can be delivered to site either complete or in a small number of component parts, which means they are extremely easy and quick to install. In addition to helping companies work more efficiently, they also aid health and safety by removing the risk of potential accidents, negating the need for working at height for long periods, as well as reducing the need to use large pieces of machinery.

“The production of off-site GRP building components is still a niche business, but the products themselves are helping to revolutionise the construction industry. As one of the larger GRP product producers, our objective is to continue to push the industry forward through constant development and automation,” continues Chris.

“As modern methods of construction and GRP building components become the norm in the construction industry, we will ensure that we remain at the forefront of GRP advancements and continue to produce only the highest quality products possible.”

Further information about Stormking and its range of GRP building components can be found at or by calling 01827 311 100.