BBA – “Beware of Non-BBA certified GRP Dormer Roofs”

The British Board of Agrement (BBA) have written an article in their latest online ‘What’s New’ publication reiterating the need for all GRP dormer and chimney manufacturers need to have GRP dormers and GRP chimneys covered by an appropriate third party approval, such as an Agrement Certificate if they are to be used on NHBC warrantied projects.

Obviously, over that last 12-18 months there has been more emphasis on reducing costs and less of a need to maintain quality, and standards. This has lead to a number of instances were Stormking have been called out to repair and rectify faulty and defected GRP products supplied by other GRP companies that don’t have BBA or other third party approval. This has a cost to the customer but it might not be necessarily costed in at the time of buying these products. The only way to ensure the customer is buying a quality assured product is to insist on third party approval, this way the customer has peace of mind to know that they won’t get a extra cost later down the line when the product starts to fail.

Stormking has had third party approval on its GRP bay window roofs and GRP dormer window roofs for many years now, with the BBA Agrement Certificate. We have set standards and specifications to stick to, and any deviation away from this specification would mean a failure on the certificate. Therefore company buyers and commercial directors can be rest assured that Stormking’s GRP dormers “do exactly what they say on the tin”, that is they are made to the same specification every time, and that specification has been approved by a third party, the BBA. Without this approval you might be getting a ticking GRP time bomb that will fail at any time.

To read the full article from the BBA please click on the following link:-

BBA – DORMER DANGER? “Beware of Non-BBA Certified GRP Dormer Roofs”