Create Eye-Catching Curb Appeal

Create Eye-Catching Curb Appeal

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Create Eye-Catching Curb Appeal With A GRP Door Canopy From Stormking

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to your home. So whether you are looking to sell your house, or simply want to give it some TLC, creating a beautiful, yet practical façade can make all the difference.

A simple, yet effective way of achieving this is to install a high quality, stylish door canopy. Door canopies come in myriad designs, from sophisticated apex shapes to the more contemporary clear Perspex, allowing you to choose a canopy that blends beautifully with the style of your home. As well as adding ‘curb appeal’ to your home, door canopies also provide protection from the elements, both for you, when entering and exiting the front door, and your home, by directing heavy rainfall away from walls and doors.

Traditionally door canopies have been made from wood or concrete, both of which can deteriorate over time. This deterioration can not only make your door canopy look unattractive but, more seriously, it can make the canopy unsafe. One solution is to choose a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) door canopy.

GRP door canopies, such as those designed and manufactured by Stormking, perfectly emulate traditionally made canopies but are extremely durable, strong, and long lasting. They are very lightweight, which means they can be installed without the need for scaffolding or a specialist trades person, and are virtually maintenance free, saving you time and money over the canopy’s lifetime.

You may not have considered a GRP door canopy over a traditional alternative, but there are many benefits to choosing GRP, as Nick Worrell, Marketing Manager at Stormking, explains:

“GRP door canopies offer homeowners so much more flexibility in terms of style and colour than their traditional counterparts. For example, Stormking’s door canopy range features a vast array of designs, from the traditional triangular shaped Apex and effortlessly simple Lean To and Flat Entrance canopies, to the more decorative Pitched canopy, and modern Clearlight Entrance door canopy. Each design is available in a variety of different fascia colours, including traditional white, cream and ivory, and the more contemporary slate grey, anthracite grey and black. So choosing GRP means you can select a style and tone of door canopy that perfectly complements your home.”

“However, quality is key to the longevity of your new GRP door canopy. Buying the highest quality canopy your budget can afford is always recommended. Here at Stormking all our door canopies are manufactured in the UK to the very highest standards and are subjected to rigorous quality checks before leaving our facility. This guarantees that only the highest quality canopy arrives at your home.”

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